Here is where you will find updates pertinent to the progression of our Lawful Remedy, essential research into the frauds committed against the English people and news regarding the county assemblies as they come into being.

Due to the extreme depth and complexity of the issues at hand, this process will be ongoing for the foreseeable future and we will be looking to our assembly members to find researchers and authors willing to assist us in divining and communicating our research to you in the most transparent way possible.

Understanding the details of the problem (and the solution) is paramount and necessary for ensuring that we can conduct ourselves properly in these matters – and we encourage all English Nationals to follow this blog closely to stay up to date with the latest discoveries and the progress of our re-conveyance process.


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Reconveyance, Reconstitution and Recompense: A TECA Progress Update

After a much longer than expected “alpha-testing” process the initial re-conveyance…

Jurisdiction for Dummies – Part 1: Land Law

I am often asked pertinent questions about the many different types of law that we are dealing with…

The Beginning of the Beginning of the End (for the parasites)

Today, I write with the most exciting news I have ever had the pleasure of sharing with the English…

Authors / Researchers

Richard “Rik” Parris

England Co-coordinator
Cheshire Coordinator
Conjectural Descendant of Robert D’Aumale of Whitleigh

Born in Manchester, Lancashire, England in January, 1986 – Rik has always had a fascination with the unknown, the unexplained and the inexplicable. What began as research into UFO’s, the paranormal and other such phenomena, eventually evolved into a study of ancient hidden history, philosophy, psychology and science in general. Rik’s first real foray into the realms of conspiracy and international fraud came with the events of September 11th, 2001.

“I remember watching the events live, as they happened. Internal politics at the high school I was attending had seen me return home early that day and I vividly recall walking into the living room at my childhood home and seeing reams of smoke pouring from one of the World Trade Center towers – as I watched the events unfold that day I was struck by the unreality of what I was witnessing.”

“Something about it felt like a performance – a show of sorts – and when the first tower seemed to break-up in mid-air I knew in my heart that what we were being told did not match the reality of what I was seeing and my mind protested at the incongruency between what we were told and what I had witnessed. It was this event, I believe, that catalyzed the journey that led to me to this place and the work I feel is – at this stage – essential to the continued freedom of the human race and the prosperity of our planet as a whole.”