Your Government

A Message from Anna von Reitz

Anna Von Reitz (Reizinger)

” Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you. Its decisions are supposed to be made by you. Its primary responsibility is to protect you and your property assets at all costs and against all comers.

That’s why governments exist.
And that is the only reason for any government to exist, ever. But what if your government doesn’t protect you?

What if, instead, your government preys upon you, threatens you, harasses you, and makes you miserable and fearful? Then something is terribly wrong.

Over six generations of Britons have been preyed upon, threatened, and harassed by something posing as “their” government. It isn’t our government. It’s a substitute government run by two foreign subcontractors.

So these people are our employees, indirectly, but they are being told what to do by foreign governments controlled by foreign Principals: the Holy See, the Commonwealth Crown, and the Lord Mayor of London. Those foreign governments are under contract to provide us with certain enumerated “governmental services”. They have been exercising our own “Delegated Powers” and operating “in our names”.

They are supposed to operate under the limitations and in accordance with their employment contracts called the Constitutions. Instead, they’ve been colluding to evade their obligations under the Constitutions and they’ve been misdirecting our Employees to racketeer against us and to misidentify our political status, to impersonate us, and to defraud us.

So instead of protecting us, these Hired Helpers have operated in Breach of Trust and harmed us. They’ve done exactly the opposite of what your government is supposed to do. But do you notice something? Do you see what’s missing? You are. You are supposed to be self-governing. You are supposed to be running Your Government – not your Hirelings.

So, we noticed what was wrong a long time ago. And we dusted off our laurels and we got to work. We talked to our friends and neighbors (those who would listen) and we explained what was wrong and we learned more as we went.… and, we organized the government we are supposed to have: Your Government.

There’s just one problem. We are supporting it. We are putting our time and money into it. We are building it up and restoring it. We are doing our “job” – but where are you? If you want a government that protects you, a government that doesn’t steal from you, harass you, threaten you, or harm you — then, it’s high time that you start backing Your Government and participating in it and supporting it with your money and your skills and your time.

We are seeking people willing to invest their time and money to advance the restoration of Your Government, to fund our Peacekeeping Officials and Officers, to run our County Assemblies, to make Your Government work the way Your Government is supposed to work — a government to protect you and your family.

When you come home to the land and soil that bore you, and start breathing as a free woman or man again, you will be recognising the ancient heritage of England and will no longer bear the burdens of a foreign (UK) citizenship.

You won’t be subject to foreign statutory laws.
You won’t worry about “Police Officers” breaking down your doors.
You won’t pay “Income Taxes” anymore.
You will have little or no reason to ever visit their courts.
You will possess your homes and your land and soil as Freeholders — not Tenants.
You won’t pay any mortgages or utilities or property taxes.
You will be in control of your own lives again.
You will sleep sound in your beds again.

Now think about that, and know that Your Government is what guarantees these results. What’s more important than what we have just described for you? What greater profit can you realize by investing in anything else? “

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