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Public Notice

Notice to principles is notice to agents, notice to agents is notice to principles.
To all peoples, persons, men, and women, male, and female;
Original Proclamation: 3rd June 2024

We, The Hampshire Assembly, would like to extend a warm invitation to you to gather with us to assemble, on the

5th of July in the year 2024. 12:00 PM (BST).

We will peaceably Assemble on the land and soil, in order to establish our lawful jurisdiction, and we invite you to join us.

With the authority of the Lawful Government of The United States of America (unincorporated), and with the full support of Superior Court Justice, (non-Bar member) Anna Maria Reizinger, being the irrefutable fiduciary and hold her interest of all public assets of United Kingdom, Inc and UNITED KINGDOM, INC, all public assets and utilities owed will be transferred to the people as soon as the pillars of the Assembly are functioning in their Lawful capacity.

Let it be known;

The Hampshire Assembly;


    • Is not incorporated or registered in any way.

    • is a Lawful Government, for the people, of the people and by the people.

    • Is not subservient to, or influenced by, any service corporations self-defining as Government Authority.

    • Is on the Land and Soil jurisdiction; the “United Kingdom” is Incorporated, and is defined as a “territory”, the definition of a territory, is the water up to and including the shoreline, so the “government” has been acting in the jurisdictions of the air and water. LAW= land+air+water. In natural law, if you are not standing on the land, you do not have a legal leg to stand on. Therefore, all your” legal” statutes and acts are fictions, and they carry no jurisdiction over living men and women whatsoever who stand on the land and soil.

Maxim of Law: “It is fraud to conceal a fraud and it is fraud to aid and abet fraud

Therefore, if you are a person- i.e. a “resident”, a “voter, a “citizen”, etc.- you have a conscious decision to make, for, it is the people who are the government and not “corporations acting as persons”. Come and restore “your” government as we officially re-assemble. If you have established your status as a living English National, then your active participation is welcomed. Pax Vobiscum. The meeting details are listed above, including the time of commencement: become involved in your Hampshire General Assembly join us.

The agenda for the meeting will be the presentment of the Hampshire Assembly Land and Soil Jurisdicition and Recording Secretary seals for approval and the announcement the opening of nominations for Hampshire Business Assembly offices. The specifics of which will be discussed in the meeting.

In Peace and Harmony,

Geoffrey Robert Cook
Hampshire Coordinator