Welcome home to the Land and Soil of England

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For over 300 years, our Land and Soil has been abandoned, left undefended by those we have employed to secure and protect the unalienable rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution – the Magna Carta, The Charter of the Forest and the English Bill of Rights. Instead, our public servants have been operating fictional corporate entities styled to misrepresent our lawful persons and government as legal entities operating in International Law of the Sea and Air – Maritime, Admiralty, Uniform Commercial Code and Municipal and Ecclesiastical Law – none of which are jurisdictions of our birthright.

In the same way that our living assets have been seized upon by the creation of the CORPORATE fiction (the LEGAL STRAWMAN) via the Municipal Corporations Act and the Cestui Que Vie Trust Act – so too have the assets of our nation. What has been done to us is in effect Human Trafficking, Unlawful Conversion and Fraud by Misrepresentation – and it is long-overdue time that we set the public record straight. But how?

The 39 Historic Counties are the Land and Soil upon which our nation was built – without the Counties there is no “England”

The history of the Land and Soil of England extends back to the Norman Conquest of 1066 and the later Domesday Book of 1086. In this latter document, England, as we know it today, was first defined as a Nation of Nations – with each County and it’s ruling Baron being declared as “Kingdoms (and Kings) within their own right” – individual sovereign entities with a common allegiance to the crown of Gaul.

The Domesday Book serves as the original Norman Land Patents which secure the right of those Historic Counties as sovereign entities and the ACTUAL, FACTUAL Land and Soil that defines the Nation of England in international law. A Land Patent is simply a Declaration of Fact in International Law and like any other declaration – it stands as fact unless otherwise refuted.

William the Conqueror and the Domesday Book

Our goal here is very simple, to give the people of this great nation the opportunity to liberate themselves from the corporate slavery forced upon them – to create a system by which we can all be empowered to live the lives of our choosing – free from intervention by a corrupt, criminal and frankly genocidal STATE-CORPORATION intent on nothing short of the wholesale indentured servitude of our people.

This fraud was first uncovered by Superior Court Judge Anna von Reitz (http://www.annavonreitz.com), James Belcher, the Living Law Firm and a team of worldwide researchers who have been working hard to reveal the truth for the last 40 years. What was first pioneered in England, was exported worldwide and became the basis for a system of enslavement which is international in scope and generational in it’s longevity and because of this, we have been able to adapt a series of documents developed for The American States Assembly (http://theamericanstatesassembly.com) for use upon our own shores.

The purpose of these documents is to correct your falsely assumed political status as a Ward of the State, a Commonwealth Citizen and human chattel – and in the process reclaiming your birthright as a priority creditor, inheritor and guardian of your lawful government. The employer and not the employee.

You see, our public servants have made a fundamental error in their understanding of the relationship between us. We are the employers – they are the employees. We are the creditors – they are the debtors. The tail is wagging the dog and it is long overdue that we set the record straight.

It is time for us to come home to the Land and Soil of our English Counties. It is time for us to rebuild our lawful government. It is time for us to reclaim that which has been stolen from us over the last 6 generations. We are doing our work – but we need YOU! Your time, your attention and your earnest hard work however you can apply your talents. WE are the ones who run this Country. WE are the ones who make it great. WE are the ones who must step up and put our public servants back in their place – for there is nobody else who can.