Reconveyance, Reconstitution and Recompense: A TECA Progress Update

After a much longer than expected “alpha-testing” process the initial re-conveyance procedure of our first English Nationals has been completed. Our deepest apologies are extended to those who have been anxious to become involved and engage in this process for themselves, and those who have been unable to receive email responses from our team.

Without trying to excuse the inactivity on this site – our public news and information forum – our tiny team has been inundated with work that we have frankly struggled to keep up with and there has been much going on in the background of which many of those reading will have been entirely unaware. This post is intended to provide a much-needed update on the work being engaged in by the handful of county coordinators that we have onshore at this point and to reassure you all that we are making progress towards the reconstitution of our lawful land and soil government.

Political Status Correction and Reconveyance Paperwork

As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post, the alpha-testing stage of the reconveyance documents and procedures has been completed, with the first 5 coordinators being successfully returned to the English Land and Soil jurisdiction. We are lucky in the sense that many of the coordinators had niche circumstances which required further investigation to deal with what will be edge cases for the majority of future English County Nationals, as it has allowed us to answer many questions which may otherwise have not been asked until much later in the national reconveyance process.

The long and short of it is that we, as a team, now have a much greater understanding of the intricacies of the documents and will be better equipped to guide those following in the footsteps of our county coordinators.

We are now in the process of a “closed beta test” where we will be opening up the reconveyance procedure to the public via our county coordinators in a limited manner before we release the documents publicly on this website for general use by all willing to reconvey their persons and property to the land and soil of England. This site will therefore be updated (here) with contact details of those county coordinators able to assist you in following through with the completion, notarisation, recording and publication of your documents on an individual basis.

Our team is also in the process of developing and deploying a digital data merge system, which will allow coordinators to automatically populate reconveyance documents with the appropriate information swiftly and efficiently, thus massively reducing the workload of our coordinators to a manageable level.

The Global Family Group – Land Recording and Publishing System

We have also been working very closely with the Global Family Group, who have developed an online International Land Recording and Publishing System, intended to provide a digital platform for the uploading of our documentary evidence in support of our reconveyance process.

Whilst, we will still be using traditional postal records to physically record our documents, this digital platform will allow for the production and distribution of credential cards that will provide a link to the digital versions of those documents and positively identify us – via a QR code – as people with the status of English County Nationals and members of our lawful County Assemblies with the correct political standing to hold the de facto government to account for it’s various frauds and crimes against our people.

This system has been put together by members of the American States Assembly and is being prepared to handle the reconveyance documents of all the people of this Earth. Credential cards have already been delivered to both American and Terra Australis nationals and we are hopeful that these will be making their way to our shores in the non-too-distant future.

Notice of Joinder and The Vatican Chancery Court

In further exciting news, Anna von Reitz of the American States Assembly has placed before the Vatican Chancery Court a claim against the Corporations acting as the de facto governments of the nations of the world and this case is now officially on their books to be properly investigated.

The claims of fraud, racketeering and human trafficking against these corrupt corporate governments – when substantiated – provide adequate grounds for the formal dissolution of the aforementioned entities and the redistribution of their assets back into the hands of the people from whom they were stolen. The Vatican Chancery Court is recognised, in law, as the highest court on earth and the only one with the authority to formally dissolve those criminal corporate entities, with prejudice.

The English Counties Assembly has submitted a Notice and Letter of Joinder to Anna and her team, properly announcing and attaching the English people to the same claim – since all that has occurred in America was first prototyped upon our shores before being slowly and deliberately rolled out worldwide.

A Claim and Information

Further to the above Notice and Letter of Joinder, we have been asked – by Anna herself – to put together an evidentiary document which substantiates our claim against the de facto government entities which are fraudulently operating in the Maritime and Admiralty realms of the Sea jurisdiction, when what is actually and factually owed to us is a lawful Land and Soil government. A system of government which has been, for all practical purposes, abandoned for the last 300 years and a system of government which – step by step – we are gradually bringing back into being.

Obviously, this is another mammoth task which is being undertaken and this claim document will likely continue to evolve as new evidence is brought to light from the thousand-year history of the nation we now know as England.

Those of the coordinator team who are engaged in this research and collation of evidence are drawing upon many, MANY years of research and information gathering in this regard and never expected to have to produce such a document – therefore – we are having to spend a lot of time re-reading and re-locating evidence which we perhaps saw in the past, but never took the time to make record-of, due to the fact we originally did it for the sake of our understanding.

Thus, your patience in this regard is greatly appreciated and the TECA Coordinators Team will make our best efforts to keep you all apprised of all future developments as they occur. In the meantime, those wishing to assist with this essential work should seek to contact the county coordinator most local to them for assistance in completing the reconveyance process – this great work will only be realised when we come together at the county and national level to hold our errant public servants to account for their crimes, misdemeanours and ignorance of the true law that underpins our society as a whole – English Common Law.

by: Richard Craig Parris

England Co-coordinator
Cheshire Coordinator

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