The Beginning of the Beginning of the End (for the parasites)

Today, I write with the most exciting news I have ever had the pleasure of sharing with the English people and, indeed, the world as a whole. This news is a lightning bolt, with the power to paralyze and render moot the machinations of those who seek to enslave all of humanity, and simultaneously energize those willing to stand up against this great evil for the sake of themselves, their families and all future generations of England. Beyond this, the work extends to all who have been touched by the evil which began in Rome and was exported worldwide by the British Empire over 300 years ago.

It has been almost a year to the day that I began my quest to adapt the critical Political Status Correction Documents – developed by Anna von Reitz for The American States Assembly – into a form which would allow the English people to follow in the footsteps of the trail being blazed by the brave, freedom-loving American people. It has been the most arduous task I have ever elected to undertake and one which I felt far less than equal to in my darkest hours.

It is at this point that I pause to thank those who have stood by me throughout this process. Without naming names, you all know who you are! You have picked me up when I have stumbled, have checked my reasoning (harshly when required) and applied a liberal amount of arse-kicking when absolutely necessary to ensure that I remained on-track and focused on the task at hand. You have all heard my tears of frustration and doubt, my utter terror regarding the sheer magnitude of the work and my quiet despair in the depths of the night when I felt lost and without direction – you have been the most infinitely-valuable assets I could have hoped to have had with me on this journey and without you all I could not have achieved this most significant milestone.

My thoughts also go out to those who have fallen off the wagon over this period of tedious and time-consuming research; and it is now that I call for those people to return to your English Family and join us in pushing forward with this most essential of tasks – the re-conveyance of our people to the land and soil to which we were born or have otherwise adopted over our lives. Those people who see England as their home, who celebrate and embody those things that make us English – our stoicism, our courage and our sense of community.

Finally, after a year of sleepless nights – of blind alleys, wrong turns and hours upon days upon weeks and months of trawling through THOUSANDS of pieces of English and UK legislation – our Political Status Correction Paperwork is finally ready to be tested against the system of oppression and fraud to which we have been unlawfully subjected for GENERATIONS.

My personal policy regarding such political actions is that I would never ask anybody to do that which I would not be willing to do myself. So, in deference to the idea of “putting my money where my mouth is”, I will first be actioning this paperwork myself, followed by a small team of “canaries” intended to test and work out any potential “bugs” with the process as well as hopefully securing an approved public notary (familiar with this process) for use by assembly members until such time as we are able to elect and open our own Recording Offices at the county level to increase accessibility for those interested in following suit.

HOLD! Men and women of England! Soon will be the time to stand up and strike back at the parasitic beasts who bare down upon us with abandon. Soon we will be able to publicly declare our political status as the TRUE authority upon this land from which all others derive.

By Richard “Rik” Parris

One response to “The Beginning of the Beginning of the End (for the parasites)”

  1. Excellent Rik and all power to your elbow for your tenacity to stay with it no matter what was thrown in the way to stop this milestone.