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The English Counties Assembly is a growing group of English People acting upon their Public Duty as guardians, caretakers and lawful inheritors of the Land and Soil of England to rebuild our true government, repopulate our land and reclaim our birthright political status as the sovereign people from whom all political power in this nation is derived.

Working closely with Anna Von Reitz (http://www.annavonreitz.com) of The American States Assembly (https://tasa.americanstatenationals.org), we have adapted a series of documents which can be used to correct your political status – returning your lawful person (your good name) to the Land and Soil of England – by revoking any claim counter to this and ensuring that you are protected from the realms of International Law of the Air and Sea and re-conveying you home to our original English Counties.

We seek to achieve nothing less than the reconstruction of a lawful government, with the sole aim of protecting the sovereignty and individual freedoms and responsibilities of our people. A government of, by and for the English – reasserting, reaffirming and reissuing our original constitutional documents in the English Common Tongue – free of all foreign language and terminology alien to us.

Step one in this process is to repopulate our 39 Historic Counties, bringing our local County governments back into being and placing our errant public servants on notice that the lawful government of this nation is back in session and that their services – as they currently provide them – are no longer required.

In order to achieve this we are seeking local coordinators willing to work at the County level to bring our lawful government Assemblies into session – organising meetings, educating the people and ultimately providing guidance to those willing to engage in our carefully-crafted process. We cannot do this alone – WE NEED YOU!


Please check this page to determine if there is a nominated/volunteer coordinator for your County with whom you may connect locally – and if not please contact the national coordinators (below) to nominate yourself as a County Coordinator or otherwise discuss your next steps.

England Coordinators: Richard and Stephen
Email: coordinator@theenglishcountiesassembly.co.uk